Waist Beads

Using an ancient adornment practice to affirm our bodies and lives

Waist beads are an ancient practice of adornment used for rituals, rites of passage, celebration, fertility or protection. Adorning your waist and hips with colors, stones and shapes is known to provide affirmation and enhance your sexy. Worn regularly they become an extension of yourself, a secret, seen only by you and the lover(s) you choose.


Colored Girls Hustle’s waist beads are inspired by our founder’s (Taja Lindley) six-month trip to Tamale, Ghana in 2008 where she worked with women and girls on issues concerning land inheritance, human rights, and reproductive health. During her time there she learned first hand why and how women and girls wore waist beads: adornment to share only with lovers, a shaping tool for waists and hips, a sexy and private secret of the wearer infused with power and affirmation. Since her return to the United States, Taja has developed a personal practice of waist bead-making and has shared that practice with friends and through workshops. Colored Girls Hustle’s waist beads is how she is sharing this ancient practice with you!

Traditional Waist Beads

Inspired by commonly found waist beads in Ghana, these waist beads are constructed with double stranded cotton thread and glass seed beads. No clasp. You tie multiple knots to secure it close and cut the excess thread.They measure approximately 38 to 45 inches long and we recommend buying at least two strands so that they can be easily taken on and off. These waist beads are durable, most can be worn in the shower but for longer lasting beads, you can take them off when you bathe and used water-based moisturizers. Color availability varies. Check our online Etsy store for updated inventory. Prices starting at $8 per strand.